Tuesday, November 17, 2020

J-mester class

JMS:Ethics, Justice, & Soc Jus - 48162 - HEDU 499 - 10

Ethics, Justice and Social Justice-Dr. Nathan Nobis - This course introduces students to the logical and philosophical skills used to evaluate arguments concerning matters of ethics, justice and social justice: what should we believe, and what should we do, about these sorts of issues? When there is a complex and controversial question of ethics or justice, how do decide which position(s) are more likely to be correct? Our initial concerns are abstract: first, how do we define our area of concern, so what makes something an ethical issue, an issue of justice, or an issue of social justice? Next, what are some of the better ways to determine whether an action or policy is ethical or not, whether some practice is just or an injustice, and when is something done a social injustice, and what are we seeking when we are seeking (social) justice? In general, how do we think critically about answers to ethical and justice related questions? Our focus, however, will involve applying general insights from theories and principles of ethics and justice, and critical thinking, to contemporary issues of social justice, such as the criminalization of drug use, punishment and the death penalty, reparations for historical injustice, police violence, gun violence, abortion, immigration, racism, discrimination against people who are not heterosexual or cis-gendered, health inequality, wealth inequality, many forms of racial discrimination and prejudice, climate change and more. Topics will be chosen, in part by students’ interests. Guest (online) speakers from some local organizations that address some of these ethical challenges will come to class to share how and why they seek justice through their efforts. Note that J-Mester courses are free elective courses. It is advised that students engage Advisors prior to enrolling to determine if credit from these courses can be applied to their specific major or can fulfill general education requirements.
Associated Term: Spring 2021
Registration Dates: Nov 02, 2020 to Jan 15, 2021
Levels: Undergraduate

Morehouse College Campus
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3.000 Credits
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Class9:00 am - 5:00 pmMTWRFLeadership Building 354Jan 11, 2021 - Jan 29, 2021LectureNathan M. Nobis (P)E-mail

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