Writing Resources

Here are some of my posts and an essay on better writing:
And here is an imperfect video on writing philosophy with an emphasis on organization and structure:

These resources are for students in my classes: please contact me about your work!

If you are not a student in my classes and you are seeking someone to help you with your writing, I am available as a "writing coach" or consultant: I can help you plan, get organized and stay on task. I'm also available as editor, for anything from "big picture" organizational guidance to a detailed review of your manuscript.

I'm happy to help you make any writing project -- dissertation, book, article, essay - more clear, vivid, organized and concise.

To get a better sense of whether I can help you, you should read some of my writings to get a sense of my writing style. You could also check out the more recent essays at 1000-Word Philosophy: An Introductory Anthology: I've helped guide the production of the last 50 or so essays. 

Please contact me to discuss your needs. Thank you!

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