Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Ethics, Left and Right: The Moral Issues That Divide Us


Ethics, Left and Right

The Moral Issues That Divide Us

Bob Fischer

  • Provides a model of civil dialogue for contentious moral issues--one that students can appreciate and emulate--through a series of commissioned essays on twenty contentious debates, written expressly with undergraduate students in mind
  • Engages students in moral philosophy by examining highly relevant issues that students encounter in our current social and political landscape
  • Presents two position pieces on each issue--one left-leaning, one right--followed by a reply from each author, giving you and your students the opportunity to engage in in-depth discussions of serious issues
  • Prepares students to think philosophically and critically with an introductory chapter on ethical theory, moral reasoning, and arguments
  • Includes case studies at the end of every main contribution to encourage students to examine related problems and/or delve deeper into the current issue
  • An Ancillary Resource Center (ARC) contains an Instructor's Manual, a Computerized Test Bank, and PowerPoint lecture slides
  • A Companion Website offers student resources including self-quizzes and web links

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