Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Decatur FM

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“Good morning, DE-CA-TUR!!!”

Where do you get your Decatur news? Blogs? City publications? Facebook? Talking to people?

There’s a new option in town: radio!

“Decatur FM” is Decatur’s new online radio station. Tune in at, the Decatur FM skill on Alexa, or download the Decatur FM app, and follow on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Decatur FM is “on air” 24-7. A variety of genres (mostly pop, hip-hop, rock) are in rotation, with jazz weekday nights, 10pm-12pm. To request a song or join a discussion, call 404-362-7414.

The weeknight, 8pm-10pm, live show “Voices of Decatur” is hosted by Decatur FM’s founder, Mike Johnson. He explains, “I wanted to do this show because it always amazes me how many interesting people live in our neighborhood. I want them share their stories with everyone.”

Johnson, a Decatur resident since 2004, developed the station as a forum for residents to connect and discuss. “I wanted a platform where we could all meet, talk, and understand each other as neighbors, as we strive to make ourselves and the place where we live and love better.”

The “Wine Thought of the Day” vignette is by tastemaker Kelly Cornett from She guides us on choosing, tasting and pairing wines. Health & wellness tips and the “Daily Mantra Recording of the Day,” a short motivational message, are in rotation. If you have show ideas, or DJ aspirations, contact Decatur FM.

The “Bulletin Board Line” is a voice mailbox for short messages residents want announced on air, for free: a garage sale, a lost pet, the next big event. Advertisement spots are available, at reasonable rates.

Johnson says, “This station will have a very positive tone. We always walk away with respect and an understanding that we can agree to disagree.” Who could disagree with that? 

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