Friday, March 11, 2016

1000 Word Philosophy

Here is a current complete list of entries at 1000 Word Philosophy; all that I've read so far have been excellent!

Aesthetics and Philosophy of Art

Aesthetics vs. Art by Brock Rough
Definitions of Art by Brock Rough


The Ethics of Abortion by Nathan Nobis
Ethical Realism by Thomas Metcalf
Applied Ethics by Chelsea Haramia
The Moral Status of Animals by Jason Wyckoff
Practical Reasons by Shane Gronholz
The Non-Identity Problem by Duncan Purves
Moral Testimony by Annaleigh Curtis
Speciesism by Dan Lowe
The Ethics of Drone Strikes by Ryan Jenkins
Moral Error Theory by Ian Tully
The Badness of Death by Duncan Purves
Moral Luck by Jonathan Spelman
(Im)partiality by Shane Gronholz


External World Skepticism by Andrew Chapman
Moral Testimony by Annaleigh Curtis
The Gettier Problem by Andrew Chapman
The Problem of Induction by Kenneth Blake Vernon

Historical Philosophy


Phenomenology and Existentialism

The Badness of Death by Duncan Purves

Philosophy of Mind and Language

Semantic Externalism by Rebecca Renninger
Intentionality by Addison Ellis
The Extended Mind by Rebecca Renninger

Philosophy of Religion

Can We Believe in Miracles? by Tomas Bogardus
The Problem of No Best World by Kirk Lougheed
The Problem of Evil by Thomas Metcalf

Philosophy of Science

Laws of Nature by Michael Zerella
Philosophy of Archaeology by Kenneth Blake Vernon
The Problem of Induction by Kenneth Blake Vernon

Social and Political Philosophy

Just War Theory by Ryan Jenkins
Licensing Parents by Ryan Jenkins
The Prisoner’s Dilemma by Jason Wyckoff
The Repugnant Conclusion by Jonathan Spelman

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